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Complex compounds of nickel(II) with thiourea. II. Thermal decomposition of compounds of the type NiX2(tu)n

E. Jóna and T. Šramko

Department of Inorganic Chemistry, Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The thermal characters of the following complex compoimds of nickel(II) with thiourea were studied by the means of thermogravimetric method and by differential thermal analysis: NiCl2tu4, NiBr2tu6, NiBr2tu5, NiBr2tu4, NiBr2tu3f5, Nil2tu6, Ni(N03)2tu6, NiBr(N03)tu6, NiBr(N03)tu4, Ni(Cl04)2tu6. The initial decomposition temperatures are within the range of 160—180 °C. By the kind of their thermograms the complexes may be devided into those, containing a halogenide, a nitrate and a Perchlorate anion, respectively. The complexes NiCl2tu4 and NiBr2tu6 have been studied in detail. Their thermograms show a characteristic loss of weight at about 300 °C, due to the release of about 1 atom CI, and Br, respectively, to the rise of NiS and to the partial decomposition of thiourea. The initial phases of the thermal decomposition of thiourea, NiCl2tu4, NiBr2tu4, NiBr2tu6 and Nil2tu6 were studied by the DTA method. The initial phase of the thermal decomposition of NiBr2tu6 was found to be analogous to that of Nil2tu6, while it was different for NiCl2tu4 and NiBr2tu4 even from one another.

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Chemical Papers 21 (7) 517–522 (1967)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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