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Reactions of perchlorates with antipyrine

S. Šimko, E. Polášek, and J. Čelechovský

Department of Physical Chemistry, Faculty of Pharmacy, Komenský University, Bratislava


Abstract: By gradually acidifying an antipyrine (L) soln. in the presence of perchlorates, white, needlelike crystals of the salt HL2ClO4 are formed which are slightly sol. in H2O and very sol. in acid and alk. media. The soly. can be expressed by the equation KS = aClO4-×aH(L)2+, which equals 1.08 × 10-6, under the condition that K2 = [H] [L]2/[H(L)2+] = 0.634. It forms the H(L)+ ion, which if dissolved in the acid medium, the concn. is given by the following equil. const.: K1 = [H] [L]/[HL]+ = 4.18 × 10-2. The stability and soly. of this salt increase with temp. up to 70°, so that it can be thoroughly purified and applied as an anal. standard for elementary anal.

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Chemical Papers 21 (9) 723–728 (1967)

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