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Cumulative effect of various admixtures in propylene from pyrolysis on its hydroformylation

V. Macho, E. J. Mistrík, and J. Strešinka

Research Institue for Petrochemistry, Nováky


Abstract: The cumulative effect of admixts. 0.8 wt. % allene and 1.8 wt. % methylacetylene in the mixt. of the unrefined propylene-propane from pyrolysis and in the mixt. of the unrefined propylene-propane mixed with a pure propylene was studied in an addn. to the cumulative effect of isoprene and NH3 upon the hydroformylation of the propylene. By applying Co in the form of Co++ salts, these admixts. inhibit the reaction. The dependence of the inhibition period (I) on the reaction temp. (T) of the hydroformylation of the unrefined propylene-propane mixt. in the high boiling hydrogenated products, with added 0.2 wt. % Co in the form of Co stearate, is expressed by the equation: log I = 7.84 + 4125/T. The inhibition period depends on the solvent. If an inert solvent such as toluene is applied, the inhibition is increased as much as 7-fold. The form of the catalyst is important. With Co2(CO)8 the hydroformylation proceeds almost without any inhibition.

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Chemical Papers 20 (11) 870–878 (1966)

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