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Mechanical degradation of atactic polypropylene

A. Romanov

The Laboratory of Polymers, Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: The mech. degradation of atactic polypropylene under N in the presence of I as radical acceptor was studied (Watson and Wilson, CA 48, 8574e) at 0° and 25° and at 300 rpm. By the graphic extrapolation of the kinetic curves of the rates of degradation, the limiting values of the mol. wt. of the degraded polymer and the rate consts. of the degradation were detd. These were 0.53 in the presence of I at 0° 0.3 without I at 25° and 0.35 in air. The degradation of the atactic polypropylene is sufficiently rapid that it can be utilized for the mech.-chem. prepn. of the modified polymers. For good efficiency, the mol. wt. of the initial polymer should be ≥3 × 105.

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Chemical Papers 20 (1) 55–60 (1966)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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