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Precipitation process for neutron activation analysis. I. Coprecipitation of Na during the precipitation of potassium perchlorate

M. Rakovič and Z. Procházková

Lehrstuhl für medizinische Physik und Nuklearmedizin, Medizinische Fakultät an der Karlsuniversität, Praha


Abstract: Copptn. of Na on the KClO4 ppt. was followed by means of 24Na indicator as a function of the amt. of NaCl holdback carrier. As expected, low amts. (≤ 0.1 g. NaCl/0.05 g. KCl in the total vol. of ∼15 ml.) of the holdback carrier caused a decrease of Na copptn. When higher amts. of NaCl were used, an anomalous enhancement of Na copptn. was observed. This was ascribed to some new copptn. mechanism which occurs in a non-equil. state where high concn. of the holdback carrier causes a more rapid diffusion of Na+ into the bulk of the crystals. It is, therefore, recommended not to use arbitrary amts. of the holdback carrier in neutron activation analysis. The effect was the same irrespective of whether KClO4 was obtained by evapn. or by pptn. although in the latter case the abs. values of copptn. were lower.

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Chemical Papers 20 (4) 293–298 (1966)

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