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Solution kinetics of poly(vinyl chloride) in cyclohexanone

L. Lapčík and L. Valko

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: Dissoln. kinetics on samples of polydispersed poly(vinyl chloride) (PVC) in the form of films with a relatively narrow mol.-wt.-distribution function in cyclohexanone were studied. An equation was formulated on the basis of Kirkwood's (K., etal., CA 55, 13964c), theory of diffusion processes. An Ueberreiter-Asmussen (CA 56, 15658c) modified method was applied. Quant. evaluations of dissoln. kinetics of PVC-S (Czech.), Geon 121 (British), and Lonza G (Swiss) were carried out at 50° and at a mixing rate of 850 rpm. The induction period and the rate of soln., the activation energy of soln. and swelling, the frequency factors, and the basic kinetic parameters of the soln. were detd. The activation energy of swelling is largely dependent on the structure of the swollen layer of the polymer sample, but the activation energy of soln. is dependent on the structure of the segments of the polymer chains, which det. the size of the inter- and inner-chain forces of the mutual interaction. The activation energy of soln. is dependent on the d. of arrangement of polymer beads and on the cryst. portion of the sample.

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Chemical Papers 20 (7) 489–499 (1966)

Saturday, June 22, 2024

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