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Determination of the equivalence point and of the solubility product in radiometric and other similar precipitation titrations

J. Klas

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The theory of pptn. titrns, of the type mA + nB= AmBn in dil. solns. was studied to directly det. the equivalence point and the soly. product. The titrn. process can be carried out by radiometric and other similar pptn. methods. The process is based on the fact that the titrn. variables can be evaluated in such a way that the exact titrn. curve is expressed independently from the concn. of the titrated soln. and of the soly. product. The equivalence point and the soly. product along with the other consts. of the titrn., the original vol. and the initial concn. of the reacting solns. can be detd. exptl. The math. calcns. were tested exptl. on the system Tl+ + Br- = TlBr.

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Chemical Papers 20 (7) 523–529 (1966)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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