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Absorption curves of various sodium-24-potassium-42 mixtures for radiochemical purity control during neutron activation analysis

M. Rakovič and Z. Procházková

Lehrstuhl für medizinische Physik und Nuklearmedizin, Medizinische Fakultät an der Karlsuniversität, Praha


Abstract: Absorption curves of 42K and 24Na were exptl. detd. On the basis of these curves the absorption curves were calcd. of mixts., the counting rate of which originates mainly from 1 isotope while the second isotope causes only 2%, 4%, 6%, and 10% of the total counting rate. By using various Al filters, the differences among values for various mixts. were detd. For the case in which 24Na is contaminated by a small amt. of 42K, max. difference is found if the thickness of the filter is 0.37 mg./cm.2. By measuring the counting rate of the pure 24Na and of a sample without filtration and with a suitable filter as little as 1% of the total activity which originates from 42K can be proven. Admixts. of 24Na in 42K in a given mixt. is detd. on the basis of the different γ-decay schemes of the 2 nuclides. Because of the similar half-lives, mixts. of 42K and 24Na cannot be analyzed with the aid of the usual decay curve.

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Chemical Papers 20 (7) 538–544 (1966)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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