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Spectrochemistry of electrolytic sludges. I. Spectrographic determination of indium

L. Koller and M. Matherny

Lehrstuhl für Chemie der Hüttenmännischen Fakultät an der Technischen Hochschule, Košice


Abstract: A spectrographic method was described for the detn. of In in electrolytic sludges contg. 50-60% PbS and ZnS, 0.1-4.0% sulfides and oxides of Cd, Cu, Fe, and Sn and Ag in amts. <10-3%. A soln. method with capillary electrodes was selected in preference to use of powd. samples. It was detd. that 1st the soln. is evapd. from the top of the electrode, then it is condensed on the opposite electrode where the products of the condensation are excited to at. emission. A background correction was not made. The results show an error < ±3%.

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Chemical Papers 20 (8) 561–568 (1966)

Monday, March 20, 2023

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