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Thermal decomposition of thiourea studied by gravimetric thermal analysis and infrared spectroscopy

E. Jóna and T. Šramko

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The thermal decompn. of CS(NH2)2 (tu) at temps. up to 600° was studied by gravimetric thermal analysis and ir absorption spectroscopy. The thermograms of CS(NH2)2 and of NH4SCN are identical and analogous to Ni(tu)4Cl2 (tu = thiourea). There is an intensive change of CS(NH2)2 into NH4SCN at the temp. interval of 150-160° and a stabilization equil. is reached at 170° with the ratio 1:3 CS(NH2)2-NH4SCN. At 270°, the compn. of the solid decompn. product corresponds basically to the thiocyanate of the melam. With increasing temps., the final decompn. product is melon. The presence of S, which is in the form of NCS-, was detd. by ir spectra. With increasing temp. the amt. of S decreases.

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Chemical Papers 20 (8) 569–576 (1966)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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