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Volume relations in binary solutions of nonelectrolytes

L. Koudelka

Forschungsinstitut für Petrolchemie, Nováky


Abstract: A method for the calcn. of the partial molar vols. of the components and of the av. molar vols. of the binary mixt. of nonelectrolytes on the basis of vol. properties of pure substances was described. A new relation between the partial molar vols. of the components and their molar vols. in the pure state were formulated by these equations: l120 = l12 = l120 = K', 3√V10 + 3√̅V2z = 3√̅V1 + 3√̅V2 = 3√̅V1z + 3√V20 = K,l1 = l11 - (l11 - l1z)χ2, 3√V1 = 3√V10 - (3√V10 - 3√̅V1z)χ2 or 3√V2 = 3√V20 - (3√V20 - 3√̅V2z)χ1 or more simple forms 3√̅V1 = χ1 3√V10 + χ2 3√̅V1z, or 3√̅V2 = χ13√̅V2z + χ2 3√V20. The calcns. are based on the mol. theory of liquids. This method is not reliable for mixts. with great differences in the size of mols. and for the compds. with long linear mols. such as higher aliphatic normal hydrocarbons and higher fatty alcs. It is also not reliable for the solns. of H2O and HOAc.

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Chemical Papers 19 (2) 73–83 (1965)

Saturday, May 18, 2024

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