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Microdetermination of fluorides in urine by mineralization

S. Stankoviansky and P. Biely

Komensk√Ĺ University, Bratislava


Abstract: A method with a scheme of the app. for the detn. of F- in urine, based on the principle of the wet mineralization with HClO4 in place of alkali combustion was described. HClO4(70-2%) is heated to 200-5° while the urine is added dropwise. The gaseous products of the mineralization are trapped in 2N NaOH and returned to the flask after the mineralization is completed. The fluorides are steam-distd. distd. into 2N NaOH and detd. by titrn. with 0.004N Th(NO3)4 at pH 2.8 with the addn. of 2N NaCl and 0.02% Na alizarinsulfonate. Cl- is eliminated by the addn. of N2H4.H2O. A 10-ml. sample of urine is sufficient, contg. approx. 1 mg. F-/l. The relative deviation in the results is 4.8% and the detn. takes 45 min.

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Chemical Papers 19 (4) 272–280 (1965)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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