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Solvent-free synthesis and properties of carboxymethyl starch fatty acid ester derivatives

Viera Mazíková, Iva Sroková, and Anna Ebringerová

Faculty of Industrial Technologies, Trenčín University of Alexander Dubček, 020 01 Púchov, Slovakia



Received: 17 March 2008  Revised: 27 July 2008  Accepted: 14 August 2008

Abstract: Water-soluble, partially hydrophobized polysaccharides have become attractive due to their potential to act as polymeric surfactants. From carboxymethyl starch (CMS), water-soluble polymeric surfactants were prepared by esterification using two unconvential methods based on (A) a reaction with mixed anhydrides and (B) with methyl laureate (MELA) and methyl esters of the fatty acid complex of rape seed oil (MERO) under ‘solvent-free’ conditions. The obtained CMS derivatives were characterized by structural, surface-active and surfactant performance properties. Esterification using method B was successful in contrast to method A which yielded derivatives with a very low extent of esterification. Although the derivatives reduced the surface tension moderately, they exhibited remarkable emulsifying properties. The performance tests indicated good washing power and antiredeposition efficiency. The results suggest that suitable polymeric surfactants can be prepared by the unconventional esterification method B using both acylation agents. The preparations might substitute the expensive and invasive industrially applied conventional methods.

Keywords: carboxymethyl starch - unconventional esterification - amphiphilic polysaccharides - emulsifier - polymeric surfactant

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-008-0088-x


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