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Equivalence point determination in radiometric precipitation titration by activity measurement of the precipitant

J. Klas

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: A radiometric method for pptn. titrn. based on the theoretically derived titrn. curve was described. The titrn. curve expresses the activity of the ppt. as a function of the vol. of the titrn. in relation to the detn. of the equivalence point. The activity of the ppt. is: n = CA{[(v/ vE) + 1] - {[(v/vE) - 1]2+ 4(K8k2/[A]02)}1/2} = CD{[(v/v0) + (vE/v0)] - {[(v/v0) - (vE/v0)]2 + 4(K8k2/[D]02)}1/2}, where [A]0 and [D]0 are the initial concns. of the soln. to be titrated and the titrant, resp., v the vol. of reagent added, v0 the total vol. of the soln. to be titrated, vE the equiv. vol. [A]0v0[D]0, k the correction factor, K8 the soly. coeff., n the activity of the ppt., and c the proportionality const. between the amt. and the activity of the ppt. The equivalence point can be detd. graphically or from the equation vE = v nk/n.

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Chemical Papers 19 (9) 689–694 (1965)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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