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Nutrients in lactic acid fermentation. I. Various sources of sucrose

D. Haľama, P. Veľký, and V. Drahoš

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: For the lab. prepn. of lactic acid by Lactobacillus delbrueckii fermentation, 4 various substrates were applied: (1) sugar beet molasses, (2) crude sucrose soln. obtained from sugar beet molasses by the Steffen process, (3) raw beet sugar, and (4) pure sucrose. All substrates contained malt ext. or a concentrate of amino acids known as Peramin. According to the speed and yields of fermentation, the substrates can be classified in the following order: pure sucrose > crude sucrose from sugar beet molasses by the Steffen process > molasses > raw beet sugar. The optimum concn. for Peramin was 0.8-2 × 10-2% and for malt ext. 0.8-1.2%. No correlation was found between the NH2 N and the course of fermentation. A slight increase of CO2 pressure in the substrate with pure sucrose inhibited fermentation greatly, while the substrate with molasses was not affected.

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Chemical Papers 18 (1) 32–44 (1964)

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