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The analysis of isotopic dilutions of radioactive matter

J. Klas

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The accuracy and optimum conditions for analysis by direct and reversed isotopic diln. were studied by use of a single equation. The equation valid for both methods is: i = s0/s = [(amt. of inactive matter/original amt. of radioactive matter) + 1], where s0 is the original sp. activity of the matter and s is the final sp. activity of the matter after the isotopic diln. The relative deviation of the detn. is: δx/x = (δy/y) + (i/i - 1).δi/i. The equations for the direct and reversed isotopic diln. methods are: x = y.(i - 1), and x = y.(i - 1)-1. For the practical application, if each sample registers the same no. of impulses (N), the equation is: δx/xδ1% = (i/(i - 1) (200/N01/2), for N = N0 = const. and δx/x|% = (i/i1/2 - 1).(l00/(m0s0t0)1/2, for time, t = t0 = const. and m0 concn. of substance whose activity is n0. The relative deviation reaches the min. value at i = 4, which gives the optimum conditions for isotopic diln.

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Chemical Papers 18 (4) 250–258 (1964)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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