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2,5-Disubstituted furan derivatives. I. Preparation and infrared spectra of esters of 5-chloromethylpyromucic acid

A. Jurášek, Š. Kováč, and J. Kováč

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: By chloromethylation of pyromucic acid alkyl esters, 6 new biol. active (affecting the skin and mucous membrane) esters of 5-chloromethylpyromucic acid were prepd.: the Am (I), isoAm (II), n-hexyl (III), n-octyl (IV), n-decyl (V), and cyclohexyl ester (VI) were prepd.; they were oily liquids with a sharp odor (b.p./mm. and n20D given): I, 157-9°/2.5, 1.4978; II, 138-9°/1, 1.4945; III, 160-2°/2, 1.4982; IV, 175-7°/2, 1.4895; V, 190-2°/3, 1.4850; and VI, 163-5°/2, -. The yields of esters decreased as the mol. wt. increased; the infrared spectra were measured The vibration frequencies of C.sbd.O.sbd.C ester group bonds and C.sbd.O.sbd.C and C.sbd.H furan ring bonds were tabulated.

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Chemical Papers 18 (9) 676–681 (1964)

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