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Analysis of two-component systems by the back-scattering of β-particles

J. Klas

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The linear relation between wt. % (p) or mean at. wt. (Z) and the intensity (n) of the back-scattered β-particles (Mueller, CA 48, 6852c; CA 51, 11109a) was applied for the quant. detn. of Ca-gluconate in aq. solns. The method was evaluated for the min. quantity (m) of a given substance that can be analyzed with a given error (σp) when the measurement of the intensity of back-scattered β-particles is charged with an error (σn). The general equation: m = b(σn)÷(σp - σn) was derived, which correlates the above mentioned quantities. The const. b may be detd. exptl. from the equation p = an - b, and is a function of ̅Z and of the at. wt. interval (Δ̅Z) corresponding to ̅Z (b = 1O0 (n÷A.Δ̅Z - 1), A = instrument const. dependent also on Δ̅Z). A nomogram, relating m to ̅Z, was constructed. Ca-gluconate can be detd. in concns. >9.5% with an error <0.85%, when the root mean sq. error of the measurements of intensity is <0.5% (CA 59, 12178a).

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Chemical Papers 17 (7) 498–503 (1963)

Friday, June 14, 2024

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