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Comparison of accuracy of some methods for estimation of alkaloids by paper electrophoresis and paper chromatography

M. Šaršúnová and J. Menkynová

Kreiskontrolllaboratorium KÜNZ, Bratislava


Abstract: Samples of strychnos tincture, strychnos ext., and an artificial mixt. of equal parts of strychnine (I) and brucine (II) were sepd. by the previously published methods of paper chromatography (Cesk. Farm. 9, 339(1960); CA 54, 21634i) and paper electrophoresis (CA 58, 4375d). After detection with phosphomolybdic acid (labeled with 32P), the spots of I and II were evaluated or by the above methods, i.e., by radiometry, by reflex photometry, or by planimetry. For paper chromatography with radiometric evaluation, the coeffs. of variation (v) for I and II were 0.50-2.2 and 0.16-2.01%, resp. For paper electrophoresis, the figures of v (%) were as follows: radiometry, 0.16-1.76 (I), 0.47-1.45 (II); reflex photometry, 5.9 (I), 2.33 (II); planimetry, 8.6 (I), 10.3 (II).

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Chemical Papers 17 (8) 556–563 (1963)

Tuesday, June 25, 2024

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