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Adsorption equilibriums of trichloroethylene on active carbon

Š. Kachaňák, K. Gaura, and J. Szauderová

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: Adsorption equil. of trichloroethylene (I) on active carbon 'Supersorbon' were detd. The results were expressed by equations of adsorption isotherms according to Freundlich: a = 337.4 × c0.16, c <17.5/cu. m.; according to Dubinin: a = (0.486÷ν) e-1.01×10-6(T2÷0.922) log(ps/p), where p <7.8; and according to Langmuir: a = 13.79p/(1 + 2.56p), p > 1.68. The adsorption is essentially a phys. process that is affected by the decompn. and polymerization of I on active C, which may decrease the activity of the C at its recirculation. Thus the effect of the dynamic detn. of adsorption equil. and their expression by a potential theory was explained. It was detd. that by applying the dynamic method, the value of the adsorption vol. is decreased, which also decreases the value of the affinity coeff. for the calcn. of the standard of adsorption potentials detd. by the static method.

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Chemical Papers 16 (1-2) 20–27 (1962)

Tuesday, May 28, 2024

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