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Polarographic behavior of actinomycins

M. Fedoro┼łko and H. Berg

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: Polarographic detns. of phenoxazones (I), actinomycins C1 (II), and chloromycins C1 (III) were described. I show under all testing conditions reversible character. II and III maintain the reversible character only in protonized forms. Anodic processes involving nonprotonized forms maintain the reversible properties at all concns.; cathodic processes only at 5 × 10-5M. There is a division into 2 of the cathodic wave above 5 × 10-5M owing to the adsorption of actinomycins by their peptide ends on the surface of the drop electrode. The reason for neg. displacement of the cathodic curve and for the irreversible character is that mol. diffusion of actinomycin over the adsorbed film to the surface of the drop electrode is retarded. The kinetic character of the 1st wave at higher concns. of actinomycin indicates that the adsorption is not limited by the diffusion of adsorbing mols. of actinomycin but by the adsorption equil. The reason that the anodic process is not affected is explained by the properties of leucoforms, esp. by their increased soly. The adsorbed film from mols. of III is more firm than that of II.

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Chemical Papers 16 (1-2) 28–43 (1962)

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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