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The reaction of pectin with gelatin. I. Factors affecting the flocculation of pectin-gelatin complexes

V. Zitko, J. Rosík, and J. Vašátko

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: During the reaction of pectin and gelatin in the pH range 2.50-4.75 (isoelec. point of gelatin) the flocculation of pectin-gelatin complexes was detd. The effect of pH, indifferent electrolytes, and the concn. and the degree of the pectin esterification on the reaction of pectin and gelatin were studied. The wt. ratio of pectin to gelatin, corresponding to max. flocculation (X) depends on pH according to the equation: log X = A - B.pH (A, B are consts., B = 0.5). This relation was derived theoretically with the theoretical B value equal to 1. An equation was derived for the calcn. of the pH value at which there is max. flocculation of pectin-gelatin complexes. Calcd. pH values agree with those detd. exptl. Viscometric degree of the flocculate increases linearly at const. pH with the total concn. of the pectin and gelatin and with decreasing equiv. wt. of the pectin. The presence of indifferent electrolytes decreases the degree of the flocculation.

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Chemical Papers 16 (3) 175–186 (1962)

Tuesday, April 16, 2024

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