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Solubility of polystyrene

L. Valko

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: Equations of the relation of the time of swelling to temp. and the length of macromol. chain were detd. These equations were proved correct by applying them to the soly. data of polystyrene in amyl acetate according to Ueberreiter and Asmussen (CA 51, 11010e). A method for the detn. of the diffusion coeff. of the liquid in the macromol. matter, from the known relation of the movement of the sharp phase boundary of diffused particles to time, is given. The activation energy of the swelling process, detd. by the diffusion of amyl acetate mols. into polystyrene, increases linearly with increasing mol. wt. of polystyrene fractions. Increase in the activation energy is explained by Eyring's theory (Glasstone, et al., The Theory of Rate Processes, 1941 (CA 35, 57792)) of abs. speeds.

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Chemical Papers 15 (1) 3–13 (1961)

Saturday, May 18, 2024

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