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Metallic salts of salicylaldehyde 4-phenylthiosemicarbazone and of salicylaldehyde S-methyl-2,4-diphenylthiosemicarbazone

S. Stankoviansky and J. Čársky

Komenský University, Bratislava


Abstract: Reactions of salicylaldehyde 4-phenylthiosemicarbazone (acting as a mono- or dibasic acid) with bivalent metals and formation of inner complex salts were described. These cryst. salts were isolated and analyzed: Ni(II), red-brown, sol. in boiling alc., ether, CHCl3, and EtOAc, decompg. 205°, C14H11ON3SNi.NH3; Ni(II), green, sol. in boiling alc., EtOAc, acetone, decompg. 195°, (C14H11ON3S)2Ni; Pb(II), yellow insol. in ether, H2O, EtOAc, partially sol. in acetone, CHCl3, decompg. 205°, C14H11ON3SPb; Cd(II), yellow, insol. in alc. ether, CHCl3, EtOAc, partially sol. in acetone, decompg. 240°, (C14H12ON3S)2Cd; Co(III) [Co(II) oxidized to Co(III)], darkbrown, insol. in ether, CHCl3, partially sol. in EtOAc, acetone, decompg. 250° (C14H12NO3S)2CoNO3; Cu(II), dark brown, sol. in CHCl3, acetone, partially sol. in ether, EtOAc, decompg. 200°, C14H11ON3SCu.NH3. From monobasic acid were derived Ni(II) (green), Cd(II) and Co(III), from dibasic acid Ni(II) (red-brown), Pb(II) and Cu(II), which were considered as asym. bicyclic inner complex compds. Structural formulas were given. To prove the structure, Ni(II), Cd(II), and Co(III) salts of salicylaldehyde S-methyl-2,4-diphenylthiosemicarbazone were prepd. The analyses were: Ni(II), brown, (C21H18ON3S)2Ni; Cd(II), yellow, sol. in boiling alc., (C21H18ON3S)2Cd; Co(III) [Co(II) oxidized to Co(III)], brown, (C21H18ON3S)2Co.NO3.NH3. Structural formulas were given.

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Chemical Papers 15 (1) 36–44 (1961)

Friday, May 24, 2024

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