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Metallic salts of β-resorcylidenthiosemicarbazides. II

S. Stankoviansky and J. Čársky

Komensky University, Bratislava


Abstract: The ability of β-resorcylidenthiosemicarbazide (I), a mono- or diprotic acid, to form salts with nitrates or sulfates of Ni(II), Cu(II), and Cd(II) is described. Cryst. salts obtained from the monoprotic acid were: Cu(II) (from acid medium), dark crystals, partially sol. in alc. (dark-green soln), acetone, and amyl alc., insol. in ether, CHCl3, and EtOAc; Cu (C8H8O2N3S)2, mol. wt. 484.02, 13.18% Cu and 17.06% N; Cd(II) (from ammoniacal medium), yellow crystals, partially sol. in alc., amyl alc., and EtOAc, insol. in ether and CHCl3, m. 242°; Cd (C8H8O2N3S)2 , mol. wt. 532.89, 21.32% Cd and 15.67% N. Cryst. salts obtained from the diprotic acid were: Cu(II) (from ammoniacal medium), dark-pink crystals, partially sol. in alc., amyl alc., and EtOAc, insol. in ether, m. 226-9°; Cu (C8H7O2N3S).NH3, mol. wt. 289.80, 21.76% Cu and 19.11% N; and Ni(II), purple-red crystals, sol. in hot alc. and acetone, partially sol. in amyl alc. and NaOAc, insol. in ether and CHCl3, m. 215°; Ni (C8H7O2N3S).NH3, mol. wt. 284.95, 19.92% Ni and 19.34% N. The following pyridine-contg. salts of I were prepd.: Ni(II), red, Ni (C8H7O2N3), mol. wt. 347.03, 16.92% Ni and 15.99% N; and Cu(II), brown, Cu (C8H7O2N3S).py, mol. wt. 351.88, 18.24% Cu and 15.63% N. Both salts loose a mol. of pyridine on being dried at higher temps.

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Chemical Papers 15 (2) 131–135 (1961)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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