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The effect of temperature and of one-direction deformation on some structural changes of polycaproamide studied with infrared absorption spectroscopy

M. Jambrich and I. Diačik

Forschungsinstitut für Chemiefasern in Svit


Abstract: Structural changes of polycaproamide at tempering and one-direction deformation was studied. The evaluation is based on the infrared absorption spectroscopy in the area 800-1100 cm-1 and on the r.ovrddot.ontgenography. From the isotropic film and fibers prepd. normally from the fusion, not only mesomorphic arrangement could be observed but also a cryst. part shown by the absorption band 935 cm-1 Structural changes occur even at tempering in air at 100°. At 140° there was a considerable change shown by the absorption band at 980 cm.-1 and also detd. r.ovrddot.ontgenographically, indicating a change from β into α form. Structural changes occur at lower temp. (60°) after 1-min. tempering in H2O due to the effect of H2O mols. on the secondary bonds. Similar results can be obtained by one-direction deformation as soon as the whole deformation force crosses over the area of the first elasticity period. The speed of the change of the original structural state can be accelerated by the effect of the temp. and the deformation force at the same time. By studying structural changes at various temps. in a thermal cell, it was detd. that a definite equil. of the relation of phases corresponds to every temp.

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Chemical Papers 15 (3) 198–211 (1961)

Sunday, June 16, 2024

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