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Radiometric determination of carboxylic groups in cellulose with Ca45

J. Hostomský, J. Tölgyessy, and V. Kriváň

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: (MeCO2)2Ca solns. of the same concn. as used in conventional detns. of CO2H groups in cellulose were tagged with radioactive Ca45. The sorption of the base was detd. from the relative decrease of the radioactivity of the soln. in contact with cellulose. In the case of unbleached pulp, the sorption of the base is the sum of the amt. sorbed by the CO2H groups of cellulose and the sulfonic groups of lignin. The radiometric method can be applied to follow the changes of sorption in the course of sulfite cooks; the max. of the sorption curve corresponds to the moment when lignin begins to pass into soln. The conventional concn. of Ca compds. to a point on the ascending branch of the sorption isotherm was obtained at 25° for varying concns. of Ca.

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Chemical Papers 14 (4) 290–294 (1960)

Sunday, May 26, 2024

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