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Precipitation of phytic acid salts with calcium hydroxide

J. Kováč

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: The conditions for a full pptn. of phytate from corn liquor by Ca(OH)2 were studied. By dissolving Ca phytate (I) in HCl there was a reaction between I and HCl and an equil. developed: Ca phytate + HCl ↹ Ca acid phytate + phytic acid + CaCl2. To what degree this reaction occurred depended on the amt. of HCl. On pptn. of I up to pH 5.5, there was a full sepn. of I but acid phytate remained in the soln. From the speed of this reaction it was possible to det. that at 20° from the total of 64.8 mg. I in 100 ml. 20% HCl, 29.4 mg. changed to acid phytate and 35.5 mg. of I remained dissolved without a change. In studying the relation of speed on time it was detd. that for a full pptn. of I at 20° 1 hr., at 50° 30 min., at 70° 20 min. and at 90° 5 min. was required. For the pptn. of Mg phytate (II) with Ca(OH)2 soln., the relation between the temp. and compn. of the product was detd. At 20° and pH 8.2 II was formed with 14% I, at 50° and pH 8.1 II was formed with 40% of I, at 70° and pH 6.0 I was formed with 20% of II and 90° and pH 6.2 I was formed with 10% of II. At 70° and pH 6.0 in 30 min. II was completely pptd. from the soln.

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Chemical Papers 14 (9) 631–645 (1960)

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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