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Sulfite cooking of viscose cellulose. X. The effect of furfural on the decomposition of the cooking acid

I. Sl√°vik

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Bratislava


Abstract: cf. C.A. 54, 6117e. The effect of furfural (I) was studied on the decompn. of SO2 on heating up to 150° during 3.5 hrs. in buffered and unbuffered solns. in wood pulp cooking. I accelerates SO2 decompn. in unbuffered solns. and decomp. itself, forming dark condensation products. In buffered solns. it has little effect. Judging from the ratio of S:H2SO4 and the elementary compn. of the dark condensation products, I has an oxidative effect on SO2 and is effective in the last stage of sulfite cooking causing decompn. of SO2, even in buffered solns. Since I decomp. at the end of cooking, it cannot accumulate in larger amts. The substance causing the darkening of sulfite liquor may be composed partially of the condensation products of I.

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Chemical Papers 13 (10) 621–627 (1959)

Thursday, June 20, 2024

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