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The preparation of highly purified aluminum by distillation over subfluoride of aluminum in vacuum

L. A. Firsanov√°

M. I. Kalinin Sci.-Research Inst. Non-ferrous Metals and Gold, Moscow.


Abstract: During distn. of Al at high temps. it reacts with its halides. Compds. of lower valency of Al are formed that, after a drop in temp. change back into the normal halide and metallic Al. The distn. is carried out in a vacuum column app. made of artificial graphite. AlF3 is evapd. at 1000° and comes in contact with fused Al at 1050°. It is condensed at 700 to 800°. The pressure in the app. is 0.1 to 0.2 mm. Hg. Very detrimental admixtures are Mg, Zn, Ca, less dangerous are Cu, Ti, Mn; Fe and Si can be present in a relatively high amts. The purity of primary Al should be ≥99.5%. The purity of the Al prepd. by the above method is 99.99999%.

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Chemical Papers 13 (11) 723–730 (1959)

Friday, July 10, 2020

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