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Amino acids in fermentation substrates. II. Amino acids in corn extract, potato-tuber waters, and fermentation extract from bran and pulp of oil-bearing seeds

J. Zelinka and M. Hudec

Slovak Academy of Sciences, Boleraz


Abstract: cf. C.A. 53, 8582a. It was detd. that the amt. and compn. of amino acids varied in fermentation substrates from corn ext., potato-tuber waters, and fermentation ext. from bran and pulp of oil-bearing seeds. In Czechoslovakian corn ext., no tyramine was found. Potato-tuber waters analyzed by paper electrophoresis showed unidentified compds. reacting with ninhydrin. The chromatographic equipment 'Chropa' was found to be better than others in the sepn. of amino acids in corn ext. Tyrosine could also be well sepd.

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Chemical Papers 13 (3) 193–198 (1959)

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