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Sulfate lignin. III. Elementary composition and functional groups

J. Farkaš

Forschungsinstitut für Celluloseindustrie in Bratislava


Abstract: cf. C.A. 52, 2397i. Sulfate lignins isolated from black liquor by various methods show approx. the same elementary compn. and the same empiric and rational formulas. The amts. of C and H correspond to at. ratio 1:1. S is in the form of SH groups, and there are 6-8 phenylpropane units for 1 SH group. The av. amt. of SH groups is 2.3-3.3%. The relative ratio of methoxyl and hydroxyl groups is 1:1 and the av. amts. are 12.4-13.3% and 7-9%. The scheme of sulfate lignin based on the elementary compn. and on the ratio of individual atoms after calcn. on the basic C9 unit can be expressed: C9H8-9 S0.125-0.166O2.5-3.

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Chemical Papers 13 (7-8) 464–469 (1959)

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