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Gas chromatography with surface ionization detection of nitro pesticides

Seiji Takahashi, Futoshi Nagamura, Miki Sasaki, and Toshihiro Fujii

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Sciences and Engineering, Meisei University, Hodokubo 2-1-1, Hino, Tokyo 191-8506, Japan



Received: 2 February 2009  Revised: 1 April 2009  Accepted: 2 April 2009

Abstract: A surface ionization gas chromatographic detector, based upon positive surface ionization, was used in capillary gas chromatography to sensitively and selectively detect nitro pesticides: pendimethalin, trifluralin, flumetralin. Higher sensitivity (better detection limit), substance specificity, and advantageous applicability are reported. Sensitivity to pendimethalin, trifluralin, and flumetralin was 1.4 C g−1, 1.1 C g−1, and 1.0 C g−1, respectively, with the linear range of operation greater than 1 √ó 105 for these compounds. The minimum detectable level was in the range of 10−13 g s−1. Compared with an atomic emission detector, SID provided a 110 times better detection limit for trifluralin.

Keywords: nitro pesticides - surface ionization - gas chromatography - surface ionization detector - pendimethalin - trifluralin - flumetralin

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-009-0062-2


Chemical Papers 63 (5) 613–616 (2009)

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