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The reasons for rapid hardening of thiokol

A. Tkáč, V. Kellö, and L. Ulický

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: By studying the factors causing a rapid hardening of thiokol (I) of domestic origin (Czech.), it was detd. that the loss of plasticity and elasticity is caused by polymer crystn. The decompn. products of Na2S4 formed by thermal reaction or by spontaneous oxidation of S linked to Na2S4 accelerate the process of crystn. By prepg. I from Na2S4 soln. of definitive concn., a product resistant to rapid hardening is formed which by infrared absorption spectral analyses has shown to be different in the amt. of bound H2O, decompn. products, and oxidation impurities from a rapid hardening tech. pure product. The structural analyses indicate the presence of cyclic bound S which is in agreement with the results of x-ray structural analyses.

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Chemical Papers 12 (7) 391–400 (1958)

Wednesday, May 29, 2024

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