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The preparation of dinitrosopentamethylenetetramine

K. Antoš, Z. Forman, and P. Kristián

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: In the prepn. of dinitrosopentamethylenetetramine (I) from NaNO2 and hexamethylenetetramine by acids the optimum yields are obtained only in the pH range 3.5-4.5, which is contrary to results of previous investigators (Bachmann and Deno, C.A. 46, 2085f), showing pH 3-4. I is pptd. at pH 4.5-4.6. AcOH is too weak and even at 17.5% concn. the yield is 57%. Among the mineral acids HNO3 gives the best results and at 12.5% concn. yields as much as 73% I. HCl and H2SO4 give lower results and in concns. above 20% cause rapid decompn. of I. The optimum temp. is -5 to 5°. Excess NaNO2 increases the yield by 13%.

Full paper in Portable Document Format: 103a162.pdf (in Slovak)


Chemical Papers 10 (3) 162–169 (1956)

Saturday, May 25, 2024

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