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Analytical rectification of technically pure trichlorobenzene and the isolation of pure isomers

M. Livař and Z. Šťota

Forschungsinstitut für agrochemische Technologie in Bratislava-Predmestie


Abstract: Trichlorobenzene (I) prepd. under pressure at 200° by dehydrochlorination of the mixt. of 1,2,3,4,5,6-hexachlorocyclohexane isomers (formed as a by-product in the isolation of γ-hexachlorocyclohexane and composed of 94.50% α + β, 0.98% γ- and 1.55% δ-hexachlorocyclohexane) with a H2O soln. of NaOH, contains 96.10% of I isomers in the ratio of 1.08% of 1,3,5, 79.16% of 1,2,4, and 19.76% of 1,2,3 isomers. By rectification all 3 isomers of min. 98% purity were isolated. The 1,2,4 isomer m. 17.30° and the 1,2,3 isomer m. 52.5° and b. 220.9°, which indicates that the sepn. of 1,2,4 and 1,2,3 isomers can be done much easier by rectification.

Full paper in Portable Document Format: 107a436.pdf (in Slovak)


Chemical Papers 10 (7) 436–449 (1956)

Thursday, June 13, 2024

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