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Spectrophotometric research in chlorocopper complexes in acetone. I

J. Gažo

Slovak Technical University, Bratislava


Abstract: Spectrophotometric detns. were made on the ternary system Cu(NO3).3H2O, LiCl, and acetone. The light absorption in the visible area of Cu(NO3)2 soln. in acetone is very similar to the absorption of H2O solns. of Cu2+ salts. By adding an acetone soln. of LiCl into an acetone of soln. Cu(NO3)2, the optical d. in the visible area is increased with max. absorption at 480 mμ. By method of limiting logarithms it was found that the strong light absorption at 480 mμ is responsible for the complex CuCl42-, formed by Cl- on Cu(II) in the acetone. The value of the molar extinction coeff. of CuCl42- was detd. The equil. consts. of the system Cu2+ + 4Cl- = CuCl42- and approx. consts. of individual chlorocopper complexes were calcd.

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Chemical Papers 10 (8) 509–515 (1956)

Monday, July 13, 2020

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