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Oxidimetric determination of hydrazine salts

A. Jílek and J. Brandštetr

Military Technical Academy, Brno


Abstract: A direct detn. of hydrazine (I) with KMnO4 in hot acid medium in the presence of KBr is described. As indicator azo dyes Victoria Rubin or Naphtol Blue Black 10B are recommended which are better than Indigo carmine. A potentiometric titration can be applied without colored indicator. In the presence of KBr, Ce(SO4)2 can be used for the detn. of I and both methods produce results which are in good agreement. From the present methods for detn. of I, the one applying KBrO3 is the most reliable. KIO3 method is less reliable. Excessive K2Cr2O7 is detd. iodometrically when I is detd. with K2Cr2O7 in the presence of KBr from the difference. The results are 1-2% lower.

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Chemical Papers 7 (10) 611–622 (1953)

Monday, July 13, 2020

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