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Thin mesoporous polyaniline films manifesting a water-promoted photovoltaic effect

Natalia Gospodinova, Elena Tomšík, and Julia Romanova

Leibnitz Institute of Polymers, Dresden e.V., Hohe Straße 6, 01069, Dresden, Germany



Abstract: Photovoltaic cells composed of thin mesoporous polyaniline films sandwiched between an indium-tin oxide anode and aluminium cathode have been fabricated. The cells show an increase in the photo-generated open-circuit voltage (Voc) from 0.2 V to 0.6 V and stable-in-time Voc generation following the addition of water containing highly hydrated ions, e.g. tap water.We explain the waterpromoted photo-voltaic effect by the polarity of the water environment. Theoretical calculations show that increasing the solvent polarity increases the energy of the electronic transition related to the measured Voc. The stable-in-time Voc generation could be explained by the increase in the lifetime of the excitons as well as by their more efficient dissociation in the interpenetrating network of polyaniline and water. The penetration of water into the mesoporous polyaniline films is promoted by the presence of highly hydrated ions.

Keywords: polyaniline – morphology – photovoltaics – water – density functional theory

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DOI: 10.2478/s11696-012-0293-5


Chemical Papers 67 (8) 972–978 (2013)

Monday, May 27, 2024

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