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Redox Reactions of Some Copper (N) Complexes with Thiourea

J. Kováčová, E. Horváth, and J . Gažo

Institut für anorganische Chemie an der Slowakischen Technischen Hochschule, Bratislava 1


Abstract: The oxidation-reduction reactions of chlorocopper(II) complexes with thiourea in non-aqueous solutions were investigated. It has been found that thiourea is linked to the central Cu(II) atom through the sulphur atom. Thus, a kinetically rather labile copper(II) complex with sulphur ligand in the heterogeneous coordination sphere is formed. Owing to the composition of the inner coordination sphere, the substitution of further ligands or the oxidation-reduction process in the inner sphere of the complex can take place. One of the ligands in the inner coordination sphere is oxidated under simultaneous reduction of the central atom. The end products are indicative of the formation of radicals.

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Chemical Papers 23 (1) 15–26 (1969)

Sunday, July 14, 2024

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