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Avobenzone encapsulated in modified dextrin for improved UV protection and reduced skin penetration

Chia-Ching Li, Li-Huei Lin, Hsun-Tsing Lee, and Jing-Ru Tsai

aDepartment of Cosmetic Science



Abstract: The present study used differential scanning calorimetry, thermogravimetric analysis, and UV spectrometry to examine: i) the encapsulation of an organic UV filter 1-(4-methoxyphenyl)-3-(4-tert-butylphenyl)propane-1,3-dione (avobenzone) within modified dextrin and ii) the characteristics of these inclusion complexes (MDA). The properties of avobenzone emulsions with and without encapsulation in modified dextrin, the in vitro UV protection factor, dissolution and release, and the skin penetrability of avobenzone were also examined. The presence of inclusion complexes significantly decreased the tendency of the UV filter to penetrate the skin. In addition, such inclusion complexes should effectively prevent skin damage from radiation extending from the UVA to the UVC.

Keywords: avobenzone – modified dextrin – UV protection factor – skin penetrability

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DOI: 10.1515/chempap-2016-0021


Chemical Papers 70 (6) 840–847 (2016)

Tuesday, July 23, 2024

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