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Cr(VI) ion removal from artificial waste water using supported liquid membrane

Omid Jahanmahin, Mohammad Mehdi Montazer Rahmati, Toraj Mohammadi, Jaber Babaee, and Arash Khosravi

School of Chemical Engineering, College of Engineering, University of Tehran, 16 Azar St., Enghelab Ave, 14176-13131 Tehran, Iran



Abstract: In this study, a novel flat-type synergic-supported liquid membrane was evaluated with a mixture of N-methyl-N,N,N-trioctylammonium chloride (Aliquat 336) and tributyl phosphate (TBP) as the carrier and kerosene as the diluent to remove Cr(VI) from synthetic waste water. The main parameters involved in the process were identified and optimised. The parameters were divided into two groups, those that were independent and those having an interaction. The parameters of the carrier/kerosene volumetric proportion and stirring rate were optimised individually due to their nature. The optimal values of these parameters were 0.5 and 500 min−1, respectively, for a constant carrier/kerosene ratio and stirring rate in the designed experiments using the response surface method (RSM). The four parameters of TBP/Aliquat 336, chromium concentration in the feed phase, feed and product pH were optimised using RSM; it was observed that the TBP/Aliquat 336 ratio, feed pH, pH of the stripping phase and interaction of this parameter with feed concentration have the most important effects on the removal of Cr(VI). The optimal levels of these parameters were 0.61, 71.75 mg L−1, 3.5 and 12.66 for the ratio of TBP/Aliquat 336, feed chromium concentration, pH of the feed and pH of the product, respectively. An experimental removal rate of 94.63 % at the optimized levels was obtained.

Keywords: Cr(VI) removal – synergic effect – supported liquid membrane – Aliquat 336 – TBP – facilitated transport

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DOI: 10.1515/chempap-2016-0027


Chemical Papers 70 (7) 913–925 (2016)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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