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Mixed-valent tetranuclear manganese complexes with pentadentate Schiff-base ligand having a Y-shaped core

Masahiro Mikuriya, Sayuri Kudo, Chisa Matsumoto, Satoshi Kurahashi, Seiki Tomohara, Yoshiki Koyama, Daisuke Yoshioka, and Ryoji Mitsuhashi

Kwansei Gakuin University, Sanda, Japan



Abstract: Reaction of pentadentate Schiff-base ligands, 1,3-bis(3-methoxysalicylideneamino)-2-propanol (H3msap) with manganese(II) salts afforded tetranuclear mixed-valent manganese complexes, [Mn4(msap)2(CH3CO2)3(CH3O)(H2O)]·H2O (1) and [Mn4(msap)2(C6H5CO2)3(CH3O)] (2), which were characterized by elemental analysis, infrared and diffused reflectance spectra and temperature dependence of magnetic susceptibilities (4.5–300 K). Single-crystal X-ray crystallography of these complexes showed that four manganese atoms are chelated by two Schiff-base ligands and further coordinated by synsyn bridging, synanti bridging, and monodentate or bidentate-carboxylato groups, forming a Y-shaped cluster made up of two MnII and two MnIII atoms. Diffused reflectance spectra are featureless, showing broad bands around at near-UV and visible regions. Magnetic moments decrease with lowering of temperature, showing an antiferromagnetic behavior of these complexes.

Keywords: Manganese complex ; Mixed-valent complex ; Tetranuclear complex ; Schiff-base ligand 

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-017-0305-6


Chemical Papers 72 (4) 853–862 (2018)

Thursday, May 30, 2024

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