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A simple coumarin-based fluorescent probe for specific detection of cysteine over homocysteine and glutathione

Haixia Qiao, Yali Meng, Yanxia Zhang, Jiaxing Sun, Tao Wang, Xiaojie Zhang, Feifan Wang, and Yan-Fei Kang

Hebei North University, Zhangjiakou, People’s Republic of China



Abstract: In this work, we designed and synthesized 3-cyano-2-oxo-2H-chromen-7-yl acrylate as a simple and effective probe 1, which is capable of detecting cysteine (Cys) over other biothiols, such as homocysteine and glutathione. Remarkably, with the addition of cysteine, the 125-fold increase in fluorescence intensity of probe 1 was observed at 450 nm with excitation at 413 nm and 5 min incubation time. Furthermore, it is more important that probe 1 possesses the detection limit of 80 nM, and there is good linear relationship between fluorescence intensity and concentration of Cys from 0 to 100 μM. Thus, these made a powerful safeguard for the detection of Cys in the biological system. Simultaneously, probe 1 showed low toxicity and could be used in living cell imaging.

Keywords: Cysteine ; Fluorescence ; Probe ; Coumarin ; Bioimaging 

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-018-0401-2


Chemical Papers 72 (6) 1461–1466 (2018)

Thursday, April 25, 2024

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