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Synthesis of vanadium oxides nanosheets as anode material for asymmetric supercapacitor

Zhi-Qiang Hou, Zhi-Guang Yang, and Yong-Ping Gao

Zhou Kou Normal University, Henan, China



Abstract: Vanadium oxides (V2O5) have been intensely investigated for advanced supercapacitors due to its extensive multifunctional properties of typical layered structure and multiple stable oxide states of vanadium in its oxides. In this study, V2O5 nanosheets are synthesized via V2O5 xerogel solvothermal reaction in ethanol solvent at 200 °C for 12 h. The V2O5 nanosheets facilitate the easy accessibility of ions and can provide more area available for electrochemical reactions. We have achieved the highest specific capacitance of 298 F/g and good rate discharge for V2O5 electrodes. Notably, the capacitance still retains a high retention rate of 85% after 10,000 cycles at 200 mV/s. Furthermore, asymmetric supercapacitors is assembled based on V2O5 nanosheets and active carbon electrode, and a specific capacitance of 13.2 F/g is obtained at 1 A/g, with a energy density of 4.7 Wh/kg at a power density of 0.798 kW/kg and remains 2.28 Wh/kg at 7.992 kW/kg. Based on these results, the asymmetric supercapacitor exhibits a good cycle life with 77.3% capacitance retention after 3000 cycles. It suggests that the V2O5 nanosheets are promising electrode material for electrochemical supercapacitors.

Keywords: V2O5 xerogel ; V2O5 nanosheets ; Specific capacitance ; Supercapacitor 

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-018-0504-9


Chemical Papers 72 (11) 2849–2857 (2018)

Wednesday, June 19, 2024

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