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A review on multifunctional attributes of zinc antimonate nanostructures towards energy and environmental applications

M. Balasubramaniam and S. Balakumar

University of Madras, Chennai, India



Abstract: Zinc antimonate (ZnSb2O6/ZSO) has gained attention as a promising nanostructure because of its distorted Sb–O polyhedra in their structure, superior electrical conductivity and thermal stability. This review focuses on the most important properties of ZnSb2O6 and their applications till date. The review begins with representation of crystal structure, electronic structure and density of states of ZnSb2O6 and it continues with the representation of most important properties such as thermal, electrical, optical and carrier density to understand the electrical conductivity, Seebeck coefficient, thermal stability and band gap. Finally, the discussion is intended on the various applications of ZnSb2O6 to understand the key outcomes. In particular, energy harvesting and storage devices, including lithium-ion batteries (LIBs), supercapacitors (SCs), and solar cells, take part in a crucial role in day-today life owing to the likelihood of replacing conformist energy from fossil fuels. However, proposing an electrode material with efficiency and cost-effectiveness is crucial. This can prevail by implementing ZnSb2O6 as an electrode material and additionally in this review, this material is highlighted in sensing and catalytic applications in an extensive intellect. Finally, the futuristic outlooks are featured based on the latest advances and important findings. Hence, this review proposes that ZnSb2O6 nanostructures can be a crucial material for various environmental and energy-based multifunctional applications.

Keywords: Zinc antimonate ; Distorted Sb–O polyhedra ; Density of states ; Electrical conductivity ; Electronic structure ; Environmental- and energy-based multifunctional applications 

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-019-00964-x


Chemical Papers 74 (1) 55–75 (2020)

Friday, May 24, 2024

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