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Mo-doped Al2O3-ZrO2-based composite as catalyst for one-step production of alkyl-substituted monophenols from lignin via direct deoxygenation

Fang-Li Du, Yan-Ming Li, Xue-Quan Xian, Bo Lu, Gang Huang, Pei-Duo Tang, and Jun-Xiang Lai

National Engineering Research Center for Non-Food Biorefinery, State Key Laboratory of Non-Food Biomass and Enzyme Technology, Guangxi Key Laboratory of Bio-refinery, Guangxi Biomass Engineering Technology Research Center, Guangxi Academy of Science, Nanning, China



Received: 28 March 2019  Accepted: 10 December 2019


Different reaction conditions on the conversion of lignin and monophenol yield were investigated under the catalysis of (5% Mo)-Al2O3-ZrO2; the maximum conversion rate (78.9%) and monophenol yield (31.9%) were observed at 350 °C and 0.2 g catalyst using iso-propanol, in 45 min. The GC–MS analysis revealed that the main alkyl-substituted phenols are 4-ethyl-phenol (17.7%), 4-methyl-phenol (2.303%), phenol (1.878%), etc. The 1H NMR and FT-IR results indicated the presence of alkyl-substituted phenols in liquefaction products, and the formation mechanism of alkyl-substituted phenols was also proposed.

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Keywords: Lignin; Liquefaction; (5% Mo)-Al2O3-ZrO2; Alkyl-substituted monophenols; Formation mechanism

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-019-01031-1


Chemical Papers 74 (6) 1867–1880 (2020)

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