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Preparation and application of magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers for rutin determination in green tea

Reza Tabaraki and Negar Sadeghinejad

Department of Chemistry, Faculty of Science, Ilam University, Ilam, Iran



Received: 10 August 2019  Accepted: 21 December 2019


Magnetic molecularly imprinted polymers (MMIPs) were synthesized on Fe3O4 using methacrylic acid (MAA) and acrylamide (AA) as monomers, ethylene glycol dimethacrylate (EGDMA) as cross-linker and rutin as a template under nitrogen atmosphere in about 90 min. Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy, electron microscopy, vibrating sample magnetometer (VSM), thermo-gravimetric analysis (TGA), and Brunauer–Emmett–Teller (BET) surface area analysis were used for particles characterization. Data showed that MMIPs was well synthesized and had high porosity. Synthetic MMIPs using methacrylic acid had much better performance than synthetic MMIPs using acrylamide. MMIPs were used for rapid separation and determination of rutin. MMIPs solid-phase extraction coupled with UV–visible spectrophotometer method was established for rutin analysis in green tea sample. The developed method had good linear dynamic range (1–90 µM, R2 = 0.996), with a detection limit as low as 0.961 µM, precision (1.5–2.1%) and accuracy (103.1–110.9%).

Graphic Abstract:

Separation of rutin by magnetic molecular-imprinted polymers

Keywords: Magnetic molecular-imprinted polymers; Nanoparticles; Magnetic separation; Rutin; Green tea

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DOI: 10.1007/s11696-019-01039-7


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