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Author: Čapla

Efficiency of polyfunctional monomers in polypropylene cross-linking by various peroxides 253 258
M. Čapla, E. Borsig, and M. Lazár Vol. 41, 2
Influence of polyfunctional monomers on crosslinking of polypropylene 561 566
M. Čapla, M. Lazár, and A. Pajchortová Vol. 37, 4
A contribution to the kinetics of benzoyl peroxide decomposition in naphthalene 92 95
M. Čapla, R. Rado, and E. Borsig Vol. 29, 1
Polymerization of methyl methacrylate initiated by the 1,1-diphenyl-l-propyl radical 430 438
E. Borsig, M. Lazár, and M. Čapla Vol. 20, 6
Kinetic study of the mechanism of the reaction between bromoacetic acid or α-bromopropionic acid and certain basic compounds 339 352
J. Leška and M. Čapla Vol. 19, 5

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