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Author: Štepničková

Spectral Study of Chloro(tetrahydrofuran) titanium (III) Complexes 850 855
M. Zikmund and Ľ. Štepničková Vol. 23, 11-12
Spectral and Magnetochemical Investigation of Titanium (III) Chloro Alkoxy Complexes with Aliphatic Alcohols 856 860
M. Zikmund, Ľ. Štepničková, and M. Kohútová Vol. 23, 11-12
Synthesis and the thermogravimetric investigation of complexes of titanium(III) chloride with aliphatic alcohols 917 928
M. Zikmund, Ľ. Štepničková, and K. Hrnčiarová Vol. 22, 12
Titanium(III) chlorocomplexes. III. Course of the reaction of titanium(III) chloride with alkyl derivatives of pyridine 901 907
M. Zikmund, A. Valent, and Ľ. Štepničková Vol. 21, 12
Titanium(III) chloro complexes. II. Reaction course of titanium chloride with pyridine in [TiCl3(py)3] complex formation 775 782
M. Zikmund, A. Valent, M. Blažeková, and Ľ. Štepničková Vol. 20, 10

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